New York City Premier on June 6 2018

On June 6th, we hosted a screening followed by a lively discussion by the film's protagonists Jonathan Katz and Toby Horowitz. It was an exciting moment to share the film with some of Jonathan and Toby's closest friends and the general NYC public. Watch the video below to see some of their reactions.




Swiss Cinema Premier October 4

A Campaign of Their Own will open in Swiss cinemas on October 4th and play in the following towns: Geneva, Lausanne, Sainte-Croix, Oron, and Neuchatel! 

70th Locarno Film Festival - Selection Panorama Suisse

Tuesday August 8th at 11 am - FEVI

Panorama Suisse is an independent section within the Locarno Festival. The films are selected by a commission with representatives of the Solothurn Film Festival, SWISS FILMS and the Swiss Film Academy.

Panorama Suisse presents 10 current Swiss films such as festival successes, audience favorites and films that have not yet been released in theaters. Film lovers from all over the world have the opportunity to discover current Swiss filmmaking in its own dedicated section at the Locarno Festival.

52nd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - Documentary Competition

International Premier July 3 at 15:30 (!!!!)
Second screening July 4 at 17:00

The election of Donald Trump as the 45th US president struck the world like a thunderbolt, especially given that for months the media had taken Hillary Clinton’s victory for granted. Partaking of the Direct Cinema documentary style, A Campaign of Their Own tells the story of the loyal supporters of democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, who lost to Clinton in the Democratic primaries. It shows that Sanders voters, in all their diversity, were not just representatives of the various branches of the American Left with their specific complaints, but they embodied the general frustration regardless of party preference at the breakdown of representative democracy. Subtly engagé and skillfully incorporated into a stylistic frame, the film presents a newly-inflamed radical skepticism towards political representation in the United States, which fundamentally influenced November’s election and even the tone of American society as a whole. 

- Martin Hornya (KVIFF programmer)


La puce à l'oreille, 27 April 2016

"A Campaign of Their Own is my personal choice at Visions du Réel."


Cineuropa, 26 April 2016

"Lionel Rupp and Michael David Mitchell probe the heart of a real America, inhabited by people who still want to believe in a future built on equality."


Tribune de Genève,  21 April 2017

"By following Bernie activists who are not afraid to speak their minds and give it all for their champion of social ideals, the film shows a political community in the USA that we don't often hear about in Europe."


Tages Anzeiger,  21 April 2017 

The Good Populist (Der gute Populist)

“The film is a fascinating portrait of losers. It shows the passion of citizens whose political future can erupt at any moment.”


Le Courrier, 20 April 2017

Souffle et printemps du réel

“In a Direct Cinema style, A Campaign of Their Own intimately shows how politics transform the life of the protagonists through political engagement.”


Vertigo, 18 April 2017

L'invité: Lionel Rupp, réalisateur

Avec "A Campaign Of Their Own", Lionel Rupp présente son premier long-métrage documentaire dans le cadre de la compétition "Longs métrages" de la 48ème édition du festival International de cinéma Visions du Réel à Nyon. Lionel Rupp y suit Jonathan Katz, activiste américain et partisan de Bernie Sanders, se sentant laissé pour compte par le parti démocratique et par la non-prise en considération de Bernie Sanders qu'il voit comme le seul espoir dʹune Amérique sous la menace de Donald Trump. A voir les 22 (14h) et 23 avril (10h) à la Salle Communale. Le festival Visions du réel est à suivre du 21 au 29 avril 2017.

Visions du Réel -Compétition Internationale Longs Métrages 

Première mondiale à 14h le 22 avril (Salle Communale)
et encore le 23 avril à 10h (Salle Communale)



NB: Le film avait le titre de travail "Citizens United!" à l'époque de l'article.